Happy New Year

Closing out the year as a small business owner is more to me than the numbers the accountant wants to see. 

I look at the closing year and give thanks for the many families who entrusted me with their personal and family details in planning their estates. I consider it a success I was a dependable resource for families going through the initial stages of grief when a loved one died.  Many of you have heard me say I did not plan to talk about death and dying when I grow up, but having clients refer their friends and family to me indicates this is what I am meant to do.

Looking to upcoming year, some people are resolution makers and other people like to set a theme word for the year to come. This year I will be making a bingo card of my goals at a gathering of friends this New Years Eve so we can all encourage each other towards a bingo in the coming year.  My bingo card will be full of personal goals like keeping up my daily step counts and selling or donating things our family has outgrown. 

My professional goals include things like staying up to date on changing laws and best practices and to continue building my network of amazing professionals.  As an estate lawyer I view my role as part of a team benefiting my clients; estate planning and estate administrations interact with the people’s financial advisors, tax professionals, real estate professionals and more.  To meet some of these goals, I have scheduled time and registered to attend a couple continuing education conferences to keep up to date on both the legislative changes and case law changes that impact Minnesotans.  I already have a weekly networking group and I am excited to visit two other small business groups in January and February.    

As you head into 2024 know that Stellmach Law is here to support you. If you have never created estate planning documents you can schedule an initial meeting through the Calendly link so we can talk about options specific to you.  If it has been more than five years since we last talked it is likely time for us to review your current documents and make sure we have the right people in the right positions. 

I am committed to continue providing my clients with the kind guidance and the experience you have come to expect to navigate 2024 and beyond.  Wishing you and yours a happiest new year.